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School Child Safety Policy

Copperfield College is a school unconditionally committed to providing the very best education for every student.  Central to this, is our belief that ‘all students can learn’ given the right conditions. Our job is to maintain a safe environment to ensure all students have the opportunity to reach their academic potential. Click here for full document.

Student Reports at Copperfield College

From 2015, Copperfield College will shift to a common reporting model for parents across 7-12 including AusVELS, EAL, VCE and VCAL.

This report model will no longer include teacher comments, as is presently the case in a number of other schools within Victoria.

Rather, the report will embed research-based, quality assessment and documentation practice such as common assessment tasks, student goal setting, student self-assessment, teacher assessment and student approaches to assessment.

This represents a shift in perspective on reports - the report will be seen as part of an ongoing dialogue with parents and carers about student achievement and should promote formative discussion throughout the school year. Click here for the full document.

Uniform Policy

Copperfield College has undergone a major review of our College Uniform and its implementation; this was in part due to parent concerns and comments about both the uniform and its consistent implementation.


Copperfield has a formal approach to ensure that students possess the skills and knowledge necessary to progress to the following school year. Promotion from one year to the next is not guaranteed. The requirements for promotion from each year level will vary, taking into account the needs of individual students. Students who do not satisfactorily achieve these promotion requirements will be referred to a Promotion Panel which will review all information and make a recommendation to the College Principal.


First Aid

The School Council requires First Aid procedures to be clearly defined to ensure the emergency care of the injured or ill.



Bullying of any kind is not tolerated at Copperfield College. We aim to create a caring community in which bullying is recognised as wrong and unacceptable and where the reporting of bullying is encouraged and expected.


Attendance (full) for Parents

Student learning is maximised by student attendance of timetabled classes.
Students are expected to attend all timetabled classes and school activities.
Students must achieve a 90% Attendance Rate to satisfy course requirements at all year levels.
Student attendance will be monitored and recorded and absences followed up with parents or carers.
Attendance requirements and the consequences of unsatisfactory Attendance Rates will be clearly communicated to students, their parents or carers and the teaching staff.



Our school recognises the danger smoking and passive smoking causes to health, as well as the need for the school and its staff to provide positive role models to students. Consequently, for the protection of staff and students, smoking is not permitted within any area of the school property, nor at any school related activity or function by students, staff or visitors.


College Camps and Extended Activities Policy 

Copperfield College believes that students should undergo rich learning, experienced both within the classroom and beyond. Camps and extended activities should involve students in active learning and promote social development. They should be related to broadening the horizons of students and relate where possible to the teaching curriculum.


Copperfield College Parent Payment Policy

School councils are able to request payments or contributions for education items and services from parents and guardians for students in Victorian government schools in the three categories – essential education items, optional education items and voluntary financial contributions. Click here for the full document

Click here for Subject Charges

Healthy Eating and Canteen Policy

The Victorian Government released a Healthy Canteen Kit for School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy document in December 2006. This document applies to “…food services within the school environment, for example school events such as celebrations and sports days, vending machines and foods used in curriculum activities.” click here for full document

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of the learning process for all students at Copperfield College. 
There are many benefits that flow from completing regular, relevant homework.  Homework helps students develop sound study skills and habits.  By undertaking regular homework, students develop self-discipline and valuable time-management skills, and begin to take responsibility for their own learning.


Sustainability Policy


Copperfield College is committed to maintaining and wherever possible, enhancing, the quality of the environment, for staff, students, parents and for the wider community. Copperfield College recognises that its activities have an impact upon the environment at local, community, national and global levels and acknowledges a responsibility for the protection of the environment and the health of its staff and students, and the community.


Mobile Phone Policy

Copperfield College acknowledges that we live in a technology rich world and that our students are immersed in digital technology. Digital technology can be a powerful tool for teaching and learning but must be used safely and responsibly.

The college aims to assist students to gain the necessary skills and behaviours to succeed in a technology rich world. It also aims to promote the values of Responsibility, Respect and the Valuing of Relationships and uses these values to teach and guide behaviour.

The aim of this policy is to articulate the college’s processes to support staff and students so that mobile phones are used in a smart, safe and responsible way. Click here for the full document


Copperfield College Privacy Policy

Copperfield College follows the Department’s  School’s Privacy Policy which can be found at the following link: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/Pages/schoolsprivacypolicy.aspx

School Privacy Policy can be found here



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