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Mount Fuji

A sister school agreement exists between Copperfield College and Fuji Junior High School, Fuji City, Shizouka Prefecture, Japan. The agreement was formally signed and witnessed in a ceremony at Fuji Junior High School on November 16, 1996. The purpose of the agreement is to foster cultural understanding and friendship between the young people of Japan and Australia.

As a result of this agreement a group of students and teachers from each school visits their sister school every second year. During these visits to the sister school’s country, accommodation is arranged in homestay situations for both students and teachers. Students travelling to the sister school’s country are responsible for their travel costs. 

The duration of sister school visits should not be for periods of less than one week. They incorporate a significant amount of time spent in classroom situations in the host school. Sightseeing excursions and duration of the stay in the sister school country are determined by negotiation at the time of planning a visit to the sister school.

Information about this sister school arrangement is published each year, with the details of tour costs and a planned schedule in the year Copperfield College visits Japan and then details of visitors and homestay arrangements when Fuji Junior High School visits us.

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