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At each Junior Campus there is a strong focus on teams. Each team has a separate area within the campus with home rooms and team teaching areas. Students in teams have taken responsibility for establishing gardens, painting murals and working together in multi-age groups to complete special projects. Read more.. 


The College has accepted the challenge of providing a broad curriculum for its students which is complemented through the use of a range of learning technologies. Read more..

Exciting Pathways

Copperfield College offers its students exciting pathways to the world of work or further study. The College is proud that it not only maintains a high retention rate of its students from years 7 through to year 12, but that it also assists a high proportion of its students achieve successful outcomes. Read more.. 

Co-Curricular Activities

These are extra activites students at Copperfield College can be involved in they include: Breakfast Clubs, Camps, Sporting and Extra-curricular groups. Such as the Environment Team. Read more.. 

International Students

Copperfield College has an ever increasing number of students participating in the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development International Student Program. We have students enrolled from Vietnam, India, England and China. Read more.. 

Literacy & Numeracy

Read more about Literate Practices and Numeracy at Copperfield College. 

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department at Copperfield College has rapidly expanded in the last 5 years. We now offer a full program of performing arts based subjects throughout the college and one of the largest VCE and VET programs in the area. Read more.. 

Student Leadership

Copperfield College encourages the development of leadership in all students, who are expected to present themselves and the College to the wider community in an exemplary manner, and to be role models for their peers..Read more.. 


At Copperfield College, students participate in a variety of transition activities and programs designed to assist them manage change and make the seamless transition from primary to secondary, from junior to middle year teams, from junior campus to senior campus, and further study and the workforce. Read more..


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