The Welfare Team

School Psychologists

Judy Scarfe and Kellie Jasper are our school psychologists. Judy specialises in counselling psychology and educational and developmental psychology and provides us with a student Counselling Service on the Delahey Campus. Kellie provides us with an eclectic approach to psychology and welfare and recognises individual differences and circumstances affecting students and families at the Sydenham campus.

You can make an appointment to see Judy or Kellie by going to or telephoning the General Office of your campus. The office staff will write your name in their appointment books for a period which suits you. You are expected to catch up with any classwork you miss through coming to see Judy or Kellie. You may also request an appointment after school or during lunch-time if you prefer.

Most of the students who come to see Judy or Kellie view them as independent adults they wish to talk things over with – things that are weighing heavily on their minds.

Personal situations such as family breakups, relationship problems, abuse, homelessness, peer pressure, health issues, drug and alcohol overuse, death and grieving, anxiety states, panic attacks, dreading coming to school, depression, thoughts of suicide, trying to keep frustration and anger under control, not being able to concentrate at school, not caring about getting schoolwork done – are all typical of the things on the minds of students Judy and Kellie see.

Sometimes Judy and Kellie act as mediators or go-betweens in family or relationship disputes.

Our psychologists are also able to provide some help for students who have no idea what they want to do when they leave school. Judy and Kellie have some vocational assessment questionnaire materials which can help you identify your broad areas of interest, values, and skills that point to certain types of jobs. They would then refer you to the College Careers Teacher/s.

Judy and Kellie also offer intellectual assessment. Sometimes students are concerned that they may have some sort of underlying learning difficulty that makes it hard for them to cope with their school subjects. These students may request intellectual or cognitive assessment to help clarify whether this is an issue. When our psychologists feel that another agency would be helpful, they assist you to arrange this referral.

Talks with Judy and Kellie are confidential, providing you are not thinking of harming yourself or someone else and no one is abusing you, either sexually, physically, verbally, psychologically, or, if they are your primary caregiver, neglecting you. In any of these cases, Judy and Kellie are obliged to tell those people they believe would be most likely to be able to make sure you are safe. They don’t do this behind your back. They would talk with you first about who they would talk to, the kinds of things they would be likely to say, what would happen next. Together you would take the next step. Sometimes, if this involves an appointment with someone such as a doctor, Judy or Kellie would accompany you if this is appropriate.

Student Welfare Coordinator

Mary Scott is also a member of the Copperfield College Welfare team.

Mary is the Student Welfare Coordinator at the Kings Park Campus. Mary is responsible for the provision of welfare services, such as counselling, advocacy, support and referral. Mary also facilitates ‘support programs’ for students focussing on early intervention and enhancing emotional intelligence. Her role includes the coordination of DE&T psychologists and other welfare staff at the Kings Park Campus.

School Nurse

The School Health Promotion Nurse works with us two days each week. The School Health Nurse is able to advise families and individuals about a broad range of adolescent health issues. He/She also works with teachers in developing relevant curricula. He/She is based at the Kings Park campus and is available for appointments on Thursdays and Fridays.

The Secondary School Nurse Program is based on a whole community approach when delivering services. Working as part of the school Wellbeing Team, the nurse provides holistic care for students and the broader school community. The nurse’s role includes:

  • Assessing the needs of the school on an on-going basis and developing programs that will address these needs.
  • Providing appropriate primary care through assessment, referral and support.
  • Providing health counselling sessions, group health promotion programs and health education.
  • Providing guidance on issues such as drugs, alcohol, sexuality and self-image.
  • Connecting the school community to health and welfare services through assessment, referral and support when assisting the students to access appropriate services.
  • Assessing risk behaviours of students that may indicate abuse and neglect, depression and youth suicide and referring on to appropriate services.

Positive Partnerships

Positive Partnerships develops up-to-date evidence based materials and practical resources published online and delivered nationally through high quality training for teachers and other school staff, and workshops for parents and carers.

Supporting school age students on the autism spectrum

Positive Partnerships delivers the two components of the Helping Children with Autism package implemented by the Australian Government Department of Education. The aim is to improve the educational outcomes for school age students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) both online and through face-to-face training and workshops in rural and regional areas around Australia.

Positive Partnerships website