Western Health – Testimonial

On behalf of the Aged Care and Subacute Division, I would like to say a special thank you to the work you have all done in mentoring and supporting this project. The students have done an amazing job and the work they have completed really does make a positive impact on what can be a very difficult experience that patients and their families/ visitors are going through. Hospitals can seem like very scary and foreign environments and the murals and children’s play area make them seem much more welcoming.

Sunshine hospital mural progressing beautifully!

The dementia stimulation aprons really assist us to support patients in the dementia management unit and allow patients to feel much calmer- again making the environment a better place for everyone- patients, staff and visitors.

I know that the students have highlighted that they also get a lot out of the experience in working with Western Health. This is a great partnership and I look forward to it continuing in the future.

Thanks for all of your efforts.


Natasha Toohey