The SOSE and P.E. staff work together and team teach the class to provide a unique program and encourage their classes to engage in a range of physical challenges and experiences.

In this subject each student has the opportunity to earn their Fist Aid Certificate and participate in a structured self defence program.

As part of Challenge Day, Physical Challenges can include mountain biking in the You Yangs, surfing at Torquay, horse riding, ice skating, indoor rock climbing, sailing, kick boxing and gymnastics to name but a few. When at school, students participate in a variety of team challenge activities building leadership, trust, team work and thought processes.

Challenge Day

Challenge Day is an innovative program that encourages students to learn independently and in teams.

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Interschool sports

Students also participate in a variety of interschool team and individual sport activities: Cricket, Futsal, Rugby, Softball/baseball, Lawn bowls, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, AFL, Netball, Badminton, Basketball, Table tennis, Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming.