Welcome to Copperfield College, we are a truly unique multi-campus secondary college.  Empowering Every Student to Aspire and Achieve is our Mission statement.  The key word in our mission statement is Every; because we know that Every child can learn, that Every child can progress and our mission is to make that happen.

‘One family, three homes’

  • Kings Park Junior Campus (Years 7 – 10)
  • Sydenham Junior Campus (Years 7 – 10)
  • Delahey Senior Campus (Years 11 – 12)

Copperfield College is a large school and some may think this might be a disadvantage however, operating across three smaller sites means students actually receive the benefits of smaller schools, which are complemented by our Team and Wellbeing structures. Our two Junior Campuses provide a learning environment tailored for students in year 7 to 10.  It is at our senior campus at Delahey that the huge advantages of being a large school come into their own with the breadth of subject and course offering we can provide.

We aim to build confidence and resilience in all students and our positive Attitude to School Survey data is a reflection of our community as well as the college’s efforts to create a safe learning environment, where bullying is not tolerated.  When students start at Copperfield College in year 7 they become a member of the Copperfield Family and our high retention rate shows they stay with us until the end of Year 12.

Our students achieve excellent VCE results with our median study score of 28 which puts us in the top 3 performing schools in the area and well above like schools across the state. Our award winning VCAL program (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) provides practical, work related experience together with Literacy and Numeracy skills important for life and work.  Our students are also able to incorporate a VET Subject with their senior programs.  Copperfield College is a partner within the Brimbank VET Cluster providing extensive opportunities for our students. Each campus has their own Pathways Counsellor providing support to all students and families.

I encourage any family thinking about enrolling their child into Copperfield College to contact our College Administration to organise a school tour of one, or all of our campuses, providing you with an opportunity to see our impressive facilities at both junior and senior level.

College Principal

Phillipa Griffiths