The Copperfield College robotics club is an extracurricular student group running across all three campuses. Students in Year 7 – 11 work together to design, construct, program, and drive robots using the VEX Robotics system. The club provides students an opportunity to develop skills in teamwork, leadership, design, engineering, programming, and communication.


The club competes against schools from around Australia in VEX Robotics competitions. In 2018, the year eight and year ten teams won the Excellence Awards in their respective divisions at the Australian VEX National Championships. This is the highest judged award presented at VEX competitions, for a team demonstrating overall excellence across all facets of the robotics program and outstanding dedication and teamwork. The Year 10 team also won the competition overall, making them the Australian National Champions for 2018. As a result, both teams represented Australia at the VEX World Championships in Kentucky, USA, in April 2019.

Other extracurricular STEM opportunities at Copperfield include the “Makerspaces” at the Sydenham and Kings Park campuses, and the annual Science Fair. The Makerspaces bring together a wide range of tools and resources to allow students to work on projects involving technology, whether in class or for an extracurricular or personal project.