The outstanding English course at Copperfield College inspires students to become lifelong readers, confident writers and articulate speakers. Beginning with an exemplary reading course at year 7, students learn the thinking skills to comprehend and understand a range of text types. We instill a love of reading and writing through visiting authors, poetry incursions and writing competitions. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on an engaging and outstanding library.

From years 7 to 12, teachers work in partnerships with students to reflect on data, set goals and to apply reading and writing strategies. Our culture of regular timed writing, building stamina and revising work, sets students up for success for VCE and VCAL.

Year 12 Extended English Class

The extended English class is a weekly class in English called the “Writing Group”.¬†This class gives students the opportunity to be stimulated by collaborating with 25 other top achievers in Year 12 whilst having the opportunity to have more timed writing practice and feedback. This is a one period timetabled class for our high achieving students. In 2018, this class achieved some outstanding results in English, as well as impressive ATAR scores.



Humanities is the study of human cultures and environments. For this reason, Humanities subjects are all very different. Humanities subjects at Copperfield College include History, Geography, Economics and Politics in Years 7-9. In Year 10 students may also choose Business Management, Legal Studies and Philosophy, which can be continued in VCE.

To prepare for the knowledge, research and critical thinking skills needed to live in the 21st Century, students would do well to choose a Humanities subject. As part of our studies, students attend a number of excursions and field trips every year. While students learn how to investigate global problems and issues, they learn about the past, present and future of our world.

It has been said that those who fail to learn the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them. In a shrinking world with ever-changing climate, technologies and cultures, the study of Humanities is more important than ever before. It is with great pride that we provide a robust course that will challenge students to think in new ways and encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities. For more information about the specifics relating to Humanities subjects, feel free to contact the College.