Copperfield College places great emphasis on studies in science and technology as these are areas that are rapidly growing in the world today. We teach chemistry, physics, biology and psychology and also show students how these areas are interconnected and used in the real world. There is also a strong emphasis on developing scientific inquiry skills which enables students to learn and apply the scientific method in their experiments and also their everyday lives thus developing higher order thinking. Problem solving and collaboration skills are also developed in our young students which helps to build resilience as they learn.


The Numeracy team at Copperfield College is committed to supporting students to develop a deep understanding of Mathematics so they can make connections and problem solve as life-long learners. We also aim to promote and stimulate a passion for mathematics so that students are well prepared to undergo further study and research in the subject, exposing them to applications in many other fields.

Our Numeracy team work collaboratively to develop best practices in the teaching of Mathematics, ensuring our students are proficient in Mathematical:

  • Understanding
  • Fluency
  • Problem Solving and
  • Reasoning

Our key pillars for developing the instructional practices to deliver those profiencies are Professional Learning Teams, consultant mentoring and our Numeracy Leadership networks across the Brimbank/Melton area. These Professional Learning Communities are evidence based, collaborative research practices which are known to deliver school improvement

The Numeracy team also provides support for students at each of the two Junior campuses who lack the fundamental understandings and skills that are benchmarked for their particular year level of mathematics.  The campus-based Numeracy support leader works closely with targeted students in Year 7 as well as provide other levels of resourcing to that student’s mathematics teacher.

A further commitment to providing academic excellence in Mathematics are our VCE preparatory mathematics electives at Year 10. Copperfield College is proud of its consistently high VCE mathematics results, performing at or above state means in Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

The Victorian High-Ability Program (VHAP)