Upcoming Transition Information


The Transition process from Grade 6 to Year 7 starts with your current Primary School. Generally, this process starts around Term 2. More information can be found here 

Term 2 – Primary schools distribute a Transition Information Pack to all parents and carers of Year 6 students. Secondary schools should not distribute any copies of forms.

Term 3

Wednesday 4th August –Primary schools notify parents/carers of Year 6 students of placement offers, in writing.

Secondary schools may start sending Welcome Packs from 5th August. These will be posted in the mail and will contain important information and forms for you to sign, and return in the “reply paid” envelope. This will not cost you anything to post.

Appeals – information can be found here


 Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition

Our College understands that starting at a new school can be challenging. That’s why our unique 2-day transition program is structured to include a range of different activities targeted at helping Year 7’s settle into their new school and life as a high school student.

We recognise that the first day can be the most stressful and this is why Year 7’s students get a day to experience their new school without any other students. This gives them the opportunity to get used to the campus first, before meeting our other students.

The transition program is designed to familiarise students with their new environment. This includes team building activities with students in their homegroup and their homegroup teacher.

Transition also includes simple and practical everyday things like reading their timetable, opening their combination locks, and a tour around the school. When we evaluate the program annually, these are things students tell us they appreciate.

We also equip students with skills to help them adjust to learning in a high school setting. For example, how to use their diary, ways to stay organised, and manage their time and homework.  We pride ourselves on making sure Year 7’s feel ready for the year ahead in every sense.

Iron Form Day is the Copperfield College version of the Olympics and brings out a competitive streak between teams (and teachers!). This day is always a memorable day for all involved.

Our three day Camp for all Year 7 students takes place in Term 4 and combines both junior Campuses. Year 7 camp is a great chance to continue building strong relationships with students and staff. The camp gives students the opportunity to participate in some wonderful activities like rock climbing, canoeing, giant flying fox, and various team-building activities.

Throughout the Year

Information Evening – An Information Evening is held at the College in November that gives Grade 6 students and families an opportunity to meet their Home Group Teacher and to inform families about the College.

Orientation Day – Grade 6 students then attend an Orientation Day in December where they are involved in timetabled classes and various orientation activities to give them a taste of life at Copperfield College.