Upcoming Transition Information


The Transition process from Grade 6 to Year 7 starts with your current Primary School. Generally, this process starts around Term 2. More information can be found here 

Term 2 – Primary schools distribute a Transition Information Pack to all parents and carers of Year 6 students. Secondary schools should not distribute any copies of forms.

Term 3 – You will receive notification of your child’s Year 7 placement offer from their Primary school on Wednesday 19 July 2023. We will then send out a welcome letter from the 20th of July 2023.

Parents/carers may start submitting written non-placement appeals to their preferred secondary school. Your child’s primary school will provide you with the relevant appeal form. Please see here for more information regarding appeals.

Secondary schools notify all parents/carers in writing of the outcome of their non-placement appeal by the 8th of August.

On the 9th of August, parents/carers return their Year 7 Placement Acceptance Slip to their child’s government primary school.

Note: If your appeal to your preferred secondary school is unsuccessful, you may lodge a further written appeal to the relevant Department of Education Regional Director.

Secondary schools may start sending Welcome Packs from the 21st of August. These will be posted in the mail and will contain important information and forms for you to sign and return in the “reply paid” envelope. This can be done either by return mail or at the office of your designated campus by the 15th of September. This will not cost you anything to post.

All government secondary schools will host a Year 7 Orientation Day (for Year 6 students) on Tuesday 12 December 2023.


Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition

At our College, we understand the challenges that come with starting at a new school. That’s why we have developed a unique 2-day transition program specifically tailored to help Year 7 students settle into their new school and embrace their role as high school students.

Recognising that the first day can be particularly stressful, we have designated a day exclusively for Year 7 students to familiarise themselves with their campus without the presence of other students. This allows them to become comfortable with the layout and atmosphere of the school before interacting with their peers.

Our transition program is carefully designed to introduce students to their new environment in a supportive and engaging manner. This includes team-building activities with fellow students and their designated home group teacher, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Moreover, we address practical aspects of daily school life, such as understanding timetables, operating combination locks, and providing guided tours of the school premises. These elements, as reported by students in our annual program evaluations, have proven to be valuable and appreciated.

In addition to familiarising students with their surroundings, we also equip them with essential skills for thriving in a high school setting. We offer guidance on effectively using diaries, staying organised, managing time efficiently, and completing assessments. We take pride in ensuring that Year 7 students feel fully prepared for the year ahead, both academically and personally.

Throughout the Year

Information evening: An information evening is held at the College in November that provides year 6 students and their families with the opportunity to meet their home group teacher and learn more about the college.

Orientation Day: On Tuesday the 12th of December, Grade 6 students have the opportunity to participate in an Orientation Day at Copperfield College. This special event allows them to experience a glimpse of life at our school by engaging in timetabled classes and a variety of orientation activities.

Iron Form Day: Once students have begun to settle in at Copperfield in Term 1, we host an exciting event called “Iron Form Day,” which can be likened to the Copperfield College version of the Olympics. This highly anticipated day brings out a competitive spirit among teams, including both students and teachers. It is an unforgettable experience for everyone involved and serves as a lasting memory of their time at our college.