An outstanding Performing Arts program

Copperfield College strives to build confidence and creativity within the Performing Arts Department

We offer a full program of performing arts based subjects including: Dance, Theatre Studies and Music subjects at Junior Campuses

VCE Music Performance, VCE Music Investigation and VET Music Industry at the Delahey Senior Campus

The Performing Arts Department provides students with programs that allows for student growth, development and creativity in all disciplines of the Performing Arts.

Co-curricular Program

  • Our Performing Arts department offers a range of performance opportunities including:
  • Whole College Musical Production (biannual)
  • Smaller performance opportunities, such as plays, during the years without Musical Production
  • Music recitals every semester
  • Regular performances at concerts, community events and various school functions
  • Programs with local primary schools

All of these experiences encourage students to act, dance, play an instrument, compose music, choreograph, sing, undertake leadership responsibilities or be involved back stage.


Instrumental Music Program

Students from across the college regularly perform at concerts, community events and various school functions.

As part of the College’s diverse Performing Arts Department, we offer an instrumental music program where students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument from a professional musician working in the industry.  All our instrumental teachers have exceptional knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to help students improve their technical and performance ability. Lessons are weekly 30 minute sessions that currently cost $40 per semester, or approx. $2 per lesson (cost subject to change), and we offer the following instruments:

Voice (singing), Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard/piano

These students are given various opportunities to showcase their talents. These opportunities include:

  • Biannual college musical
  • Semester music concerts
  • The Royal Melbourne Hospital Music Festival
  • Primary School Performances
  • Discovery evenings
  • Parent meet and greet evenings
  • Lunchtime performances
  • College awards ceremonies
  • Assemblies