Local students

As a successful VCE College, offering a wide range of educational pathways and outstanding facilities, we advise parents to attend the open evenings and tours to become familiar with the demands, responsibilities and academic rigours of a secondary education at Copperfield College.

Not including new students who come to the area during the year, all students wishing to enrol into Year 7 at the start of a year will be interviewed. A parent or guardian must be present. Copies of reports from the previous school are required.

DET (Department of Education and Training), Victoria enrolment guidelines must be followed in order to enrol at Copperfield College, taking into consideration:

  • where the applicant lives
  • contact with previous school
  • the age of the applicant
  • educational preferences and orientation.

Placement Policy

Copperfield College accepts enrolments for students that live in our school zone. You can find out if your home address is in our school zone by typing your address into the box at this website Find my School.

The Department of Education and Training Placement Policy states that if there are sufficient places it is expected that government schools will accept all students of school age seeking enrolment at the school.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Community Engagement Leader, Lina Nicolas, on 9361 3888, or via email on nicolas.lina.l@edumail.vic.gov.au. Alternatively, you can direct your queries through the College Contact Form

Pre Enrolment Forms

Pre- Enrolment forms are a requirement for students transferring from another school. Grade 6 students are not required to fill in a pre-enrolment form

Delahey Senior Campus

Download Form (doc)

Kings Park Junior Campus

Download Form (doc)

Sydenham Junior Campus

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International students

Follow the link for information and about Enrolling as an International Student