Our students participate in leadership programs, form friendships and learn new skills through a range of activities outside of normal classes.

Student Leadership

Copperfield College encourages the development of leadership in all students who are expected to present themselves and the College to the wider community in an exemplary manner, and to be role models for their peers.

Student Leadership is an integral part of the College culture. Throughout the College there are various Leadership opportunities for students.

Student Leaders are appointed at every year level through an application process and receive a range of recognised training. Student Leaders work towards improving the school life for all students and model appropriate qualities to peers and the school community on a daily basis.

Student Representative Council

The Students’ Representative Council provides a voice for the student body. Representatives from year levels meet with the SRC Coordinators on each campus to contribute to the leadership of the College.

The SRC leads school projects and actively participates in school events and fund-raisers.


Community Health Advancement and Student Engagement (CHASE) is a program that aims to improve health through education, mentorship and community-based action.

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