VET at Copperfield College

Vocational Education and Training (VET), enables a secondary student to combine their VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) or VCE (VM) – Victorian Certificate of Education (Vocational Major).

What does VET provide?

VET enables students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification, for example – Certificate II in Building and Construction or Certificate II in Business.
VET offers a different learning environment and may be better-suited for some students’ needs.
Students undertaking VET are offered support with career choice and pathway planning. It can be used as a taster to enable students to experience a particular industry sector and to assist students in making informed careers choices.
Students gain employability skills through industry exposure.
Students become work-ready employees, able to commence short-term employment relating to the VET course undertaken or pursue a career in their preferred industry.

A VET in Schools program is usually made up of a combination of VCE and VET units, which are delivered by registered training organisations.

Copperfield College VET in Schools program is a partner within the Brimbank VET Cluster and therefore provides a wider breadth of learning opportunities for students.

More information about VET courses at Copperfield College, entry requirements, courses fees and a current course list of VET in schools is available on the Brimbank VET Cluster website.

For further information, please contact Ms Bella Moore, College Pathways and VET Coordinator.