Copperfield College is lucky to be part of the Department of Education’s Doctors in Secondary Schools Program. Under this program, a Doctor and Nurse from Kings Park Medical Centre are available to see Copperfield College students for free and confidential appointments at school, for a variety of issues including, but not limited to:  

  • Physical injuries or concerns 
  • Sleep 
  • Eating and exercise 
  • Attention and concentration 
  • Sexual health including contraception 
  • LGBTQI+ issues 
  • Drug or alcohol use 
  • Mental health issues 

Appointment times  

The Doctor and Nurse are available to see students between 9.30am and 1.00pm on Fridays at alternating campuses.

Week (of month)



Week 3


Delahey (11-12)

Week 4


Sydenham (7-10)

Week 5


Kings Park (7-10)

Week 6


Delahey (11-12)

Week 7


Sydenham (7-10)

Week 8


Kings Park (7-10)

Week 9


Delahey (11-12)

Week 10


Sydenham (7-10)


They are also available to see students outside of these hours via telehealth or at Kings Park Medical Centre, located at 40 Gourlay Rd Hillside VIC 3037.   


Booking an appointment 

School appointments can be made:  

  1. In advance via the Wellbeing team, Front Office or by completing the Doctor booking request form, listed under ‘Favourites’ on compass. 
  2. On the day, by dropping into the Front Office during Break 1.  

Appointments at Kings Park Medical Centre can be made by calling 9217 9400 and requesting an appointment under the Copperfield College Doctors in Schools Program.  

New patients are required to complete a New Patient Information Form, which can be collected from the Front Office, or completed online here. A link will be sent to the student once the booking is made.  

Students will be sent a reminder text the day before the appointment. Students will be allowed to leave class at the time of their appointment and present at the front office.



Under Victorian law, students who are mature minors can consent to their own medical treatment and see the GP alone for confidential consultation and treatment.  

The practice doctors will communicate with a student’s parents/carers if the matter is significant or the student is not safe or if they deem the student is not sufficiently mature to understand their circumstances.  


Further information

Please see the attached information sheets for further information, or contact the School Program Lead Annette Borg 9365 4111 or 

Consent & Confidentiality Student Information Sheet

Consent & Confidentiality Parent Information Sheet