The Physical Education program at Copperfield College aims to develop and improve student’s execution of various motor skills and improve their overall fitness levels. Students participate in a variety of team based and individual sports where the emphasis is on building teamwork as well as their individual skill levels. Students are expected to use and understand the correct terminology associated with the sports they are participating in and the relevant fitness terms to describe the area of fitness they are working on. In the later years, within some elective units students are given an opportunity to apply their knowledge through peer teaching.

Within the Outdoor Education units at the upper levels of their schooling, students develop an understanding of the interaction humans have with the environment and how to ensure we maintain a sustainable environment for future generations. They also learn how to ensure safe and respectful behaviour in the outdoors.

The Health Education unit at Copperfield College aims to improve students’ understanding of healthy living, including making healthy food choices. Students look at the components of a healthy diet and changes they can make to their own diets. They also look at other risk factors that can affect their overall health and wellbeing such as drug and alcohol abuse, and the importance of healthy and respectful relationships. Students also develop an understanding of the importance of their social, mental and physical health and the impact all these have on the overall health of the individual.