Encouraging independent learning

Challenge Day is an innovative program that encourages students to learn independently and in teams.

The curriculum enables classes to get out of the school environment more often and learn through experience.

Sports and Health

Challenge Day runs every Friday during which students participate in two periods of SOSE, One Physical Education and One Health.

There are many excursions throughout the semester that relate to SOSE, P.E. and Health thus allowing students to observe, participate and evaluate outside the classroom.

Community Project

As a part of the Community Project, students research, plan and implement a program that benefits others in their community. This sometimes involves fundraising for charities but can also include the sharing of knowledge and skills or conducting lunchtime activities.

City Links

The City Links portion of the curriculum is one that most students engage in. Each group formulates a hypothesis and then plan and implement an independent research project based on their theory. Most classes visit the city three or four times and students are able to work as independent groups and gather their own data.