Challenge Day is a core subject offered only at Year 9 which combines both Humanities and Physical Education. Challenge Day is unique in the way it incorporates a learning experience which is both practical and educational as the students venture out into the city (through the use of public transport), and become immersed in real life issues. These issues will form the basis of their City Survey Project – CAT 1, where students will develop a survey and be able to collect and analyse data from the general public regarding their opinion/views on particular topics.
Hardrock Climbing:
9C1 ventured to Hardrock Climbing in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Rock climbing is designed to challenge students both physically and mentally as they navigate their way up the walls of varying difficulty with the help of their partner as their belayer (a person who controls the safety rope for the climber). Highlight of the day was witnessing students demonstrate tremendous perseverance and teamwork to support and push one another to successfully climb and reach the top of some challenging walls.
Old Melbourne Gaol:
9C3 ventured to the Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell street. A guided tour was provided for the students in learning about what life was like for the most dangerous and hardened criminals who were occupants in the Gaol all those years ago before its closure in 1929, including Australia’s most infamous bushranger, Ned Kelly. After the tour, students were given time to wander through the Gaol and take photos within various prison cells.