Careers & Pathways
The world of work is rapidly changing, jobs that exist today may not in the future. Many jobs are also yet to be created, and the way work is carried out will appear different in the future. Students will need to consider a range of options when planning and deciding on a potential career. Research also suggests young people are likely to have a variety of different jobs throughout their working lives. Therefore young people are encouraged to be versatile and develop a range of skills that can be adapted and applied to a range of careers. It is still important to have particular areas of interest in order to direct career development. This will provide students with motivation to achieve their career goals, whilst still being flexible enough to handle the requirements of the changing world of work.

The careers program at Copperfield College seeks to assist students to identify their skills and interests; and  help guide their pathway planning by developing their careers knowledge through a variety of activities and experience which will support their pathway choices whilst at school and beyond their secondary education.

Our year 9 Careers and Pathways Program at Copperfield College includes but it is not limited to: 

At Copperfield year 9 students begin their four years Careers Program by undertaking the Morrisby online Discovery tool.

  • Morrisby is a personal online discovery tool that will help students to identify their strengths, talents and interests.
  • The results will be published in a book format for each student suggesting pathways and careers that may suit the individual student. Following this process each student will have a thirty minute meeting with a professional Careers Advisor external to our school where they will go through the results in their individual reports. Naturally families are more than welcome to attend these meeting with their child.

Also the our year 9’s will have their Careers Lesson in term 4 where they will use the Career Tools database to complete their ’Career Action Plan’ as directed by the Department of Education. They will also be introduced to various Careers and Career Investigation Tools, they will be informed of what is on offer at Copperfield College and how to best plan their Careers. Most importantly they will get to meet and know our Copperfield College Career Advisors for future assistance.

At Copperfield College students are encouraged to undertake Work Experience in year 10 and of course to obtain a Part time job once they are 15. Assistance is offered with putting together a resume, cover letter and even mock interviews in person or on the pretend phone. Students are all informed of the importance and relevance of Work Experience when working towards their Career path and are encouraged to start looking for a suitable placement in term 3 & 4 of their year 9 studies.

We also offer our year 9 students Industry Immersion Experiences throughout the year. Various industries such as the Accor Hotel Group, the Vic Rail Academy and other businesses offer our students the opportunity to visit and be informed by the professionals in those businesses about all the possible future career paths.  These careers can be anything from a hotel attendant, chef, or manager to a train driver, track repairer, an accountant, an electrician, a lawyer or an engineer just to name a few of the various professions available within these industries.

Year 10

Year 10 students will participate in a series of career lessons which have been developed to assist and support their career exploration and pathway planning. Students will undertake/complete:

  • Update their Career Action Plans (CAP)
  • Career investigations relating to their career interest. Identifies information such as work tasks, personal requirements, educational requirements and future trends for particular jobs.
  • Course Counselling Preparation
  • 1:1 Year 10 to 11 Course Counselling

Course Counselling

Having identified their careers interests, students are provided counselling to help them choose a suitable Year 11 program that meets the requirements to enter further education/training and or employment relating to their career interest.

At Year 10, course counselling is provided by the Careers/Pathways staff. Students have the opportunity to choose between Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). A wide range of VCE subjects and Vocational Education and Training courses (VETiS) are available for students to choose from.

Work Experience

The year 10 Work experience program at Copperfield College is not compulsory, but highly recommended. This one week opportunity is offered at the start and end of each term.  Students’ experiences in the work force can have many outcomes.  Including:

  • A taste of the WORLD OF WORK
  • Provides insight into different jobs
  • Improves confidence
  • Develops your employability skills
  • Provides contacts and referees

Activities and events which year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in include:

  • Work Experience
  • Try a Trade tasters
  • Industry Immersion events
  • Careers Day @ Senior Campus
  • RMIT Tertiary Experience Day
  • Careers Expos

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to contact the pathways team with any enquires relating to careers and pathways. We are also available to make appointments with, to discuss all things Careers.

Copperfield College Careers Website

Useful website for students & parents to assist with pathway planning.

Also accessible through compass.


Kings Park Campus – years 7-10
Career Advisor:
Bella Moore
Ph: (03) 9365 4185

Sydenham Campus – years 7-10
Career Advisor:
Jenny Zahra
Ph: (03) 9361 3887