On Thursday 21st of July students in the Senior VCAL class hosted a Christmas in July event for Copperfield staff and Arcare residences via video link. Christmas in Seth hosted and kept guest entertained with jokes while Marielle kept connection with Arcare and was heavily involved in early communication prior to the event.

Chef’s Ashley and Kate, with assistance and support from Mrs Maric and the year 12 VET hospital students kept everyone fed with a beautiful 3 course meal. Adrian, although unable to attend on the day made cookies in take home kits for attendees and for the residents of Arcare as well. While Brandon, Dylan, Nate and Mr Rabl keep the music flowing.

The students hosted a bingo game between the staff and Arcare residences with Mrs Savic being the lucky campus winner. A huge thank you goes to Rose Djemal for helping student realise their goals and being an allrounder.