Hello community,

As part of our VCE/VM community project for yr 11, PDS, we have chosen the topic of Climate Change, addressing Sustainability, how we as a group can contribute by “thinking globally we act locally”.

For us acting locally means planting a fig tree, which we did on Friday 8th September, along with some vegetable seeds and seedlings at the Copperfield College Delahey vegetable and fruit garden, with the help from our gardener Ben, and support from our maintenance person Mick, we were shown how easy planting can be.

By growing our own food, we reduce food miles, that’s the distance food is transported from the time of it’s making until it reaches the consumer. As trees and plants grow, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, cleaning our polluted greenhouse gases and giving back clean fresh air.

For more information on the topic of the environment, visit https://planetark.org, there you will find positive and simple environmental actions you can implement.

Here’s to a greener future,

Ethan, Bi and Andy of 1Y1