Congratulations to the three Copperfield College students for having had their writing selected and published in the book titled A User’s Guide to a Pandemic. 

Silvana 8E1, Daniel  8L1 and Ella  10B3 took part in online writing workshops whilst in lockdown in 2020 with the organisation ‘100 Story Building’. This organisation is a social enterprise based in Footscray who focus on developing creativity and literacy for young people, through workshop programs, online learning and community engagement.

Copperfield College students were invited to join in with 100 Story Building and writing centres across the country to compile a world first – a collection of writing that investigates the experiences of young people in Australia as they lived through the 2020 pandemic. Through online workshops students were helped to complete pieces of writing that investigated the challenges, the unexpected joys, the boredom, worries and hopes of our unusual times.Young people from across the country shared what was important to them and they explored how they would like the world to change.

The result was a published book containing Silvana’s Daniel’s and Ella’s excellent writing pieces in amongst the exciting collection of various texts: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, lists and ephemera, letters of support and protest, imaginings of the future. A perfect time capsule of this strange time.

Well done Ella, Danial and Silvana!

Ms Lucy Grande 

Literacy Leader