Word from the CHASE CEO

I would like to begin by thanking all of you for putting in the effort and dedication which has lead CHASE to its most successful year to date. This year the CHASE program reached more students than ever and we couldn’t have done this without the nearly 100 volunteers, who dedicated their time and effort week after week.

For the lucky people who could make to the CHASE showcases you would have seen some magnificent project presented by students who have progressed so much throughout the year. I’m proud of every one of our mentors who were key to this success and by all reports were amazing to work with.

Over summer CHASE will be preparing for an even bigger and better 2017, where we will again reach more students than ever. So, take this time over the holidays to rest, relax and recharge your batteries and prepare for an exciting time ahead.

Lachlan Evans

Copperfield College – Showcase Summary

“While the Copperfield Showcase was conducted on a larger scale than previous years, the Copperfield students were able to execute a fantastic showcase that ran very smoothly. This was facilitated by the assistance of the year 12 students who were involved in the CHASE program in 2015. It was great to see the skills that the Year 12s had learned through CHASE that assisted them in their projects this year.

We were able to see some fantastic projects from this year’s students, with plenty of community engagement and the creation of many community partnerships that we hope we can continue into future years. A highlight was the excellent presentation from Brandon, who with the help of his project team, conducted a tinned food drive and donated to Hope Street Youth and Family Services. All the students were very articulate when discussing their projects and should be very proud of themselves.”

Lauren, CHASE External Relations Consultant

Teacher Testimonial
What Impact has CHASE had on your school?

“The CHASE program, which was implemented in 2014 at Copperfield College, has provided the year 11 VCAL students with the wonderful opportunity to develop meaningful partnerships with the broader community. This opportunity has also been the bridge to help students achieve educational outcomes whilst completing their intermediate certificate. As a teacher of the VCAL program, it has been pleasing to see the students enjoying and being engaged throughout the workshops and in particular during the community based projects.

The CHASE showcase sees a celebration of all students’ community projects with parents, staff and members of the community in attendance. Students have been able to forge strong relationships in the local community and it’s been rewarding to witness students grow and develop further on a number of personal developmental skills.

Overall, The CHASE program which has been supported by the active wider school community has resulted in improvements in student outcomes and has been an invaluable and rewarding program for the VCAL students at Copperfield College.”

Lorenne, VCAL Teacher – Copperfield College