Aim of Literacy Intervention Course

The Literacy Intervention program at years 9 and 10 is designed to improve students’ reading levels.

The program focuses on developing strategies in reading, spelling and comprehension that students can then utilise in all of their classes.

Students practice letter sounds and words until they are fluent and do not become burdened by how to say them. This allows students the opportunity to understand what they are reading. Students also complete oral language activities, comprehension activities and reading.

Structure of the Literacy Program

Year 9 Literacy:

The Year 9 Literacy program runs over 2 periods a week for the duration of the school year.

Students selected to participate in the Year 9 Literacy Program do not participate in LOTE.

Classes are structured to promote student learning with a maximum of five students per teacher.

 Year 10 Literacy:

The Year 10 elective program is semester based.

Students have been counselled to select the Year 10 Literacy elective twice to ensure a full year of reading support.

Class numbers do not exceed seven students and the elective runs for three periods weekly.

Selection of Literacy Students

Students are selected to participate in the Literacy program via a number of different avenues.

Year 9 Literacy:

  • All Year 8 Intensive Literacy students;
  • DATA: PAT-R results; NAPLAN Reading results; On Demand results
  • Classroom teacher recommendations

Year 10 Literacy:

  • All Year 9 Literacy students;
  • Year 9 students who did not take up the offer the previous year who still require support;
  • DATA: PAT-R results; NAPLAN Reading results;
  • Classroom teacher recommendations

When student lists are finalised, course information and student offers to participate in the program are mailed to families. Students are automatically placed into the program unless they choose not to participate by returning an ‘opt out’ slip to the school.