Literacy Support

All year 7 and 8 students are given two periods of Literacy support at Copperfield College.
These classes are organised into the following areas:

Year 7 & 8 Intensive Literacy

Students whose reading assessments indicate they are reading well below expected level will be given four periods of Literacy intervention support per week. They will have two periods of Literacy support classes in addition to two periods in lieu of LOTE.

Students, who present at this level, are unable to read independently. Their knowledge of sounds is limited and without intensive intervention, they will be unlikely to improve their skills at high school. For this reason, the Intensive Literacy groups are kept small, so that they receive extra help. Often, but not always, these students are EAL or have a learning difficulty. The former will often progress rapidly while the latter may progress more slowly. These students demonstrate some knowledge of sounds, but have gaps in their knowledge. They are assigned to a level of the program, which is appropriate for their ability. These students are also unable to read at the required level. Often, they have a very good sight recognition and memory of words, but they are unable to use techniques to decode new words, due to gaps in their knowledge of blends and sounds. The program is very prescriptive at this level.

During these lessons, students are gradually taught letter sounds and rules. They are required to practise lists of words (the skill of decoding), spell those words (the skill of encoding) and then complete a time trial, where they have to say a certain number of words in a given time (the development of automaticity in the decoding of sounds.) Students, who are unable to meet the criterion, have to practise, until they can. The other part of their lessons consists of a range of ability appropriate activities. The activities include being read aloud to, choral reading, guided reading, puzzles and riddles, silent reading and oral activities. Students in Intensive Literacy will also focus on improving their writing skills. Activities gradually get more difficult as the student progresses through the program.

Students are also taught writing skills explicitly in Intensive Literacy. The traits and mechanics of writing are taught through units on descriptive, narrative, procedural, expository and persuasive writing. Intensive Literacy teachers also work collaboratively with the 100 Story Building Organisation to improve student outcomes in writing. A Story Hub on the Kings Park campus which was created by a Copperfield College students’ workgroup, works as a creative space for students to focus on writing and creative risk taking.

Year 7 & 8 Accelerated Literacy

Students whose reading assessment results indicate they qualify for Accelerated Literacy complete two periods of Literacy support classes per week.
Accelerated Literacy classes are designed for students with a reading level of one to two years below expected or just at expected level. Students at this level are able to decode and get some meaning from text, however they lack understanding of the skills involved in the comprehension process. They usually have a very limited vocabulary. They are also unable to read their texts books without assistance. Accelerated Literacy is designed to promote the student’s own awareness of the reading process, by explicitly teaching the skills involved and close the gap for students who are not at expected level. Students who are at the expected level will focus on maintaining and building their reading skills.
Students will take part in guided reading activities in small groups, undertake the CARS (Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies) and STARS (Strategies to Achieve Reading Success) online program and individually focus on strategies they need development in to improve their reading skills. These classes also focus on goal setting, vocabulary building, oral language development and independent, wider reading.

Year 7 & 8 Literature

Students whose reading assessment results indicate they qualify for Literature complete two periods of Literacy support classes per week.
Students will undertake studies in a range of genre and a variety of texts and poetry. These classes focus on extending student reading, writing and analytical skills.

Year 9 and 10 Literacy Intervention

Students at Year 9 and 10 whose reading assessment results indicate they are below expected level receive Literacy support. At Year 9 level, students who qualify for Literacy support complete two periods of Literacy in lieu of LOTE. At Year 10, students complete three periods a week in lieu of an elective subject. Classes are kept small. Students in these classes focus on the strategies to build reading success using the CARS and STARs reading program. They focus on goal setting to improve their reading stamina and skills, shared reading, vocabulary building, oral language development and independent wider reading.