Despina Havelas – Electorate Officer

“I rise to acknowledge the great work done by the students and teachers at Copperfield College’s Delahey Senior Campus in my electorate of Sydenham.

They have partnered with the CHASE program — the Community Health Advancement and Student Engagement program — which delivers a mentorship program aimed at improving health through education. There was a showcase event last Friday, 7 October, at which the students showcased 17 different projects. I have got to say I was extremely impressed with the level of commitment by the students and the teachers in undertaking such great projects. Some of those projects included the Finding Hope project in support of Hope Street, the mini Olympics kindergarten project teaching kids about health in the kindergarten sector, and also wellbeing programs that were run at a number of primary schools, including healthy eating programs.

I congratulate the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning students and their mentors from CHASE, who did a fantastic job in conducting these fantastic programs. Some workshops were also conducted in the areas of mental health, sexual health and drug and alcohol abuse. Following the workshops the students then created and developed a project of their own. That was showcased on the Friday and was fantastic. I acknowledge the staff, the students and the principal.”

Office of the Hon Natalie Hutchins MP
State Member for Sydenham
Minister for Industrial Relations
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Minister for Local Government