10K4 presented their Hackathon Project today on the Sydenham Campus. Here is an extract of the ceremony;

Good afternoon everyone, welcome to Copperfield College. My name is Sasha and this is Rhianna. We are going to be your hosts for today.

 Before we begin today’s ceremony, we have apologies passed on from invited guests who could not attend our ceremony;

Ben Carroll – Deputy Premier of Victoria, Minister for Education

Natalie Hutchins – Minister for Jobs and People, Minister for Women, Minister for Treaty and First Peoples 

Davide Lombardi – Acting Senior Education Improvement Leader | South Western Victoria Region

Pip Griffiths – Former College Principal, Copperfield College.

They all send their best wishes for a wonderful day. 

 Now we have Yash who will introduce the acknowledgement of  country and the smoking ceremony with Perry.

 Our mural “unity through diversity” was created by the 2023 9k4/ 2024 10k4 class. It was painted by Lukas Kasper who we would like to acknowledge for his efforts.

Our mural depicts people of different cultures and identities. Our mural embraces harmony and acceptance among Copperfield college.

I would like to thank the whole class of 10k4 for their hard work throughout the whole hackathon project. The mural was a huge success and we are all very happy and proud of ourselves 

Thank you all for coming today

That now concludes our mural ceremony. We will now go to the reception for refreshments in the library