L. Clarke VCAL Curriculum Leader

As a requirement for Yr 11 VCAL Personal Development Skills, students are required to plan and organise a community project based on health and wellbeing. Hayelom Dawit, Josh Zajac, Lucas Daspromonte, Boyan Seremetkovski , Corey Walton organised their community projects with St John of God for people with disabilities.

The main focus of the project was to encourage disability awareness and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Students organised sessions involving basketball and soccer skills then finalising with a game of soccer. This was a wonderful opportunity for engagement between clients of St John of God and students at Copperfield College.

“I just wanted to say on behalf of the clients and staff here at Sydenham Community Centre, thank you and the wonderful students very much. The participants and staff had such a wonderful time last Friday and your students did such a brilliant job of facilitating the activities and supporting/encouraging the participants.

I honestly cannot thank the students enough. Providing our clients with these wonderful opportunities of engagement really encourages them and enables them to truly feel valued. Health and nutrition here at Sydenham Community Centre is something we work on with both our staff and clients, so it is a real benefit and privilege for clients to be actively involved in the physical activities as it aids their health and well-being tremendously.

Thank you to each of the students for their effort, involvement and patience with our clients. They were so wonderful and supportive and I hear the clients interacted so positively with each student. I am so looking forward to the next time your students wish to facilitate any activities in the future, we will be there without hesitation!

A very big warm and heart-felt thank you from all of us here at SCC.”

Warm Regards,


Karen Bennett
St john of God