Community Partnerships

Year 11 PDS projects focus on Community Health and Wellbeing and at Year 12 VCAL projects focus on Community Partnerships and Engagement.

Community Partnerships
at Year 11

CHASE Partnerships

Community Health Advancement and Student Engagement

CHASE is a mentorship program aiming to improve health through education.

The mission of CHASE is to ‘Increase health literacy, community engagement and access to tertiary education in secondary school students, through mentorship and community volunteer opportunities’.

Go to the Copperfield-end-of-year-showcase-2014 on the CHASE website.

Copperfield College Showcase Summary (19.12.16)

The lucky people who went to the CHASE showcases would have seen some magnificent projects presented by students who have progressed so much throughout the year.

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From the Office of the Hon Natalie Hutchins MP (Minister for Local Government) (25.10.16)

‘I rise to acknowledge the great work done by the students and teachers at Copperfield College’s Delahey Senior Campus in my electorate of Sydenham.’

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Yr 11 VCAL community project  (08.09.16)

Yr 11 VCAL community project with the Sydenham Community Centre.

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Brimbank article – VCAL Showcase  (15.09.15)

Copperfield students CHASE better health article in the Star Weekly.

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2nd Annual Copperfield Showcase (01.09.15)

Copperfield and CHASE warmly invite you to the second annual Copperfield Showcase.

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Community Partnerships
at Year 11 and Year 12

Western Health & Sunshine Hospital Partnerships

Western Health takes their role as a significant community partner in Melbourne’s West very seriously. They are a major employer working closely with partners to promote a healthier community.  Western Health participates actively in a wide range of community events and advocate for the overall health and wellbeing of the region.

A Thank you from the Aged Care and Subacute Division at Western Health (05.10.16)

‘On behalf of the Aged Care and Subacute Division, I would like to say a special thank you to the work you have all done in mentoring and supporting this project.’

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Senior VCAL partnership with Western Health via Sunshine Hospital – Award Winners  (27.11.14)

At the SGE/Western Health Excellence awards last night, Copperfield College’s Senior VCAL students and their mentors from Sunshine Hospital were awarded the 2014 Community Engagement Award.

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WPC Partnerships

WPC Group is a not-for-profit group training organisation (GTO) specialising in the employment and training of apprentices and trainees. Established in Victoria in 1982, WPC Group (Work Place Connect) is recognised as one of Australia’s leading GTOs, and has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

WPC Group is one of Australia’s largest employers of apprentices and trainees, with over 500 apprentices and trainees currently working with more than 200 host employers.

WPC Group specialises in flexible employment, recruitment and training solutions, and connects young people with the training that they need to land, and then keep, a job in the real world. WPC Group provides a mentor for every apprentice to keep them on track.

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WPC Group Apprenticeships (07.12.16)

In response to challenges faced by automotive dealers, WPC Group and the Nissan Motor Co. (Australia) collaborated to create a unique Mentored Apprenticeship Program known as NISSMAP.

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Community Partnerships
at Year 12

Australian Business and Community Network

The Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) is a not-for-profit organisation that connects business with disadvantaged education through mentoring and partnership programs.

The aim of (ABCN) is to provide participating students with the skills and work experience they require to make sound personal, educational and vocational choices. This is achieved through structured programs that involve corporate volunteers mentoring students in the workplace and business partnering with disadvantaged schools.

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ABCN workshop (11.07.16)

Students participating in a program run by ABCN had to create an education product for 3–5 year olds.

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